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Your communications network is the lifeline of all your business activities. It is the critical platform for your employees, your partners, and your customers to share information. But that puts major demands on your network and raises the bar on the level of reliability and quality of service. You may find that your network isn't up to par. We can help.

Unified Communications Readiness Assessment

With our knowledge of unified communications (UC) and assessment technology, we look at your network in detail, including voice, video, and collaboration tools. Then we assess how ready your infrastructure is for your focusing on performance, reliability, and even security. With our holistic approach we discover what's impacting performance and identify any points of vulnerability.

It is important to know where you are before trying to move on, so our UC readiness assessment is a multi-step process that covers:

  • Current network performance is established as a baseline
  • Mapping key network elements (routers, switches, servers, firewalls)
  • Performing a real-time, load-test assessment of current network
  • Red or yellow flag items are identified and can be resolved before adding critical VoIP packets to the traffic mix
  • Careful review of existing devices, configurations, and design with your staff
  • Recommendations for improvements needed
  • After VoIP deployment, a second assessment can be run to document a baseline for the network's performance with VoIP traffic added. This is invaluable in future troubleshooting's should problems develop at a later date.

We'll help you get the most from your network, making business communications work better for everyone.

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