Create open lines of communication

The number of ways we communicate with one another has never been greater. And technology continues to offer faster and more innovative methods of exchanging information.

A solid unified communications (UC) infrastructure can help you streamline processes, increase productivity, and enhance business relationships. Moreover, technology use cases offer opportunities to deliver even more value:

Consolidate Communications Infrastructure
Bring together voice, video, and data into a single IP network to simplify management and support effective communications.

Incorporate Video into Meetings
Improve communications, relationships, and productivity by making it easier to meet face-to-face over distance.

Extend Telephony with Video
Facilitate face-to-face video communications directly from end-user phones or softphone applications.

Support Teleworkers and Branch Offices
Let employees work from multiple locations, whether satellite offices, home offices, or when traveling.

Collaborate with External Organizations
Easily share information, interact in real time, and communicate using technologies beyond email and telephone.

Create Flexible Work Areas and Office Spaces
Scale office space and create work areas that foster employee inclusiveness, collaboration, innovation, and teamwork.
The right architecture enables your organization to communicate and collaborate with confidence. And the results can be dramatic. We can help.

Kzonekhmer Architecture for Enterprise Collaboration

The Kzonekhmer architecture for enterprise collaboration delivers capabilities that enable you to realize immediate gains in productivity and enhanced relationships.
The end-to-end -architecture incorporates high availability for critical applications, while its consistent user experience facilitates quick user adoption. The architecture also supports an advanced set of collaboration services that extend to mobile workers, partners, and customers through the following key services:

  • Voice communications
  • Instant messaging and presence
  • High-definition video and content sharing
  • Rich media conferencing
  • Enablement of mobile and remote workers
  • Business-to-business voice and video communications
  • Unified voice messaging

We'll design the architecture using your current data network to support both voice and video calls. The preferred architecture also provides a holistic approach to bandwidth management, incorporating an end-to-end QoS architecture, call admission control, and video rate adaptation, and resiliency mechanisms to ensure the best possible user experience for deploying pervasive video over managed and unmanaged networks.

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