Hardware Backup Services

The backup appliance is an option gaining in popularity as a means of data protection, especially for SMBs and for branch office use.

A backup appliance comprises a backup application preloaded onto a hardware device with built-in storage media. Traditionally, IT organisations have put together their own backup solutions using a backup application, a server and target media. This method provides the greatest level of flexibility but requires staff members to have in-depth knowledge of hardware components and the backup software.

An appliance makes initial deployment and ongoing operations simpler and removes the need for specific training and backup skills. As a consequence, a backup appliance is well-suited to organisations that don’t have dedicated storage teams. Backup appliances are specifically designed for backup traffic and to make the best use of memory, processor and I/O resources.

Backup appliance features

Not all hardware backup products on the market can be classed as backup appliances; some products are simply disk storage arrays that integrate with common backup software. In this discussion we will look at products that provide the hardware and the software as an integrated package.