Bundled IoT Solutions Mean Fast Implementation

Kzonekhmer provides IoT services designed to help you dramatically accelerate solution deployment in your organization. We help you see real results and exceptional ROI in record time.

We use a prescriptive approach for translating business goals into IoT solutions that deliver successful outcomes. Each proven solution is prepackaged to help you achieve a specific result:

  • Develop an understanding of the value IoT can bring to your organization and develop a strategic roadmap for implementation.
  • Gain an understanding of how ready your company is to deploy an IoT solution infrastructure effectively.
  • Deploy a specific IoT solution from concept to a fully integrated solution that is providing expected results and ROI within 60 days.

The Envisioning Session

We recommend that every organization start with a white boarding session facilitated by Kzonekhmer IoT solution specialists and industry experts. Many organizations are still trying to gain an understanding of the best way to leverage the value of IoT in their business. In this Envisioning Session, our team works directly with your key stakeholders to develop an understanding of what is possible with IoT technologies, and how these technologies can solve your specific problems. The Envisioning Session also helps you create a specific IoT implementation strategy and roadmap, as well as a high-level view of the costs and ROI.

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The Readiness Assessment

The Readiness Assessment often follows the development of an IoT roadmap, and is a multi-day to one-week service performed by Kzonekhmer IoT solution specialists and engineers. This service provides an on-site evaluation of your systems, infrastructure, and processes to determine their capability and readiness for new IoT solutions. While it is primarily a technology assessment addressing current capabilities and capacity, the service also addresses high-level changes that may be needed in process and staff.

The Accelerated Prototype

Our Accelerated Prototype service combines an Envisioning Session, a Readiness Assessment, and a proof of concept prototype.

Following the Envisioning session, our specialists will join you in selecting a single IoT project that will address a specific business need. The Kzonekhmer team then performs a Readiness Assessment to ensure compatibility and deploys the selected solution to prove the goals of the project will be achieved when the solution is placed in production. This entire process – from concept to measurable results – is typically accomplished within 40 business days, and is designed to rapidly confirm the solution will meet long-term objectives.

The Framework for Future Success

All of these services are based on a proven methodology to achieving IoT success and delivered by Zones experts who partner with your team to ensure success.

They are part of a larger prescriptive approach to developing a comprehensive IoT foundation and architecture designed to maximize the benefit of IoT across your entire organization as quickly as possible, while minimizing cost and risk.

Contact your Zones IoT Solution Specialist to learn more about our bundled offerings.