“Tuning” IoT for Unique Value

Every industry has different requirements and needs, and your organization has unique goals and challenges. Kzonekhmer recognizes that it isn’t enough to deploy the same IoT solution for every organization. The standard solutions must be “tuned” and adjusted for you. That’s why Kzonekhmer has experts with specific experience and background in multiple industries.

Kzonekhmer integrates IoT solutions with your specific industry and your specific goals in mind. Each solution is tailored to your business to provide customized value. Even more importantly, our comprehensive, enterprise-wide intelligent facility approach to IoT weaves the individual solutions together, creating a tapestry of value specific to your goals.

We create a framework where each system hears and understands the information being provided by every other solution, and orchestrates the interactions and automation that your business needs. Kzonekhmer then layers in industry specific applications and analytics on top of the intelligent facility to drive results that haven’t been available until the last several years.

Industry Specific Application of IoT

Kzonekhmer is delivering IoT solutions that meet the needs of multiple industries: from finance, energy, and retail to schools, cities, and utilities. In each industry, we are able to partner closely with our customers to deliver unprecedented value.

Additionally, Kzonekhmer has created additional depth and expertise, creating comprehensive enterprise-wide solution sets in the following industries:

  • Real estate: Intelligent office buildings
  • Healthcare: Intelligent hospitals
  • Manufacturing: Intelligent plants, refineries, and warehouses
  • Hospitality: Intelligent hotels and entertainment venues

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