The foundation for IoT solutions

Kzonekhmer IoT specialists focus on creating intelligent facilities, which lay a foundation for enterprise-wide IoT solutions that can deliver unprecedented value.

An intelligent facility is a location aligned with your organization’s strategic goals, with all of the systems tied together and interacting in such a way that they create new features, capabilities, automation, and control. The result is a facility “tuned” to your specific industry that creates unique efficiencies, cost savings, and productivity.

Kzonekhmer creates intelligent facilities through a set of standard solutions that can be deployed cost effectively and with low risk for any individual facility. Each of the solutions we offer individually provides significant value to our customers when appropriately designed and implemented.

But the value of the sum is much greater than the value of the individual solutions. When Kzonekhmer ties multiple solutions together on a common Ethernet infrastructure, allowing the systems to communicate with each other, share information, and interact with each other – it creates an Intelligent Facility that delivers unparalleled value.

Every industry and facility type can benefit. Kzonekhmer experts are currently building intelligent hospitals, intelligent factories, intelligent refineries, intelligent campuses, intelligent hotels, and intelligent offices, as well as many other types of intelligent facilities.

Standard solutions applicable to all facilities

Developing an Intelligent Facility is a process that often starts with the deployment of one or more standard solutions. Kzonekhmer has developed world-class capabilities in each of these solutions because they deliver value and ROI to your business immediately and help provide the connectivity infrastructure to drive additional IoT solutions:

  • Video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Energy management
  • Location tracking
  • Integrated communications
  • Digital signage and AV

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Making the intelligent facility work for you

Kzonekhmer understands that your organization is unique. Every standard solution is deployed with your unique goals, needs, and challenges in mind and provides unique value to your organization. Additionally, our teams of experts have the industry specific expertise to layer special sensors, applications, and analytics on top of the connectivity framework to further customize your Intelligent Facility to serve you.

How would an intelligent facility revolutionize your organization?

Contact a Kzonekhmer practice solution specialist to understand what others are doing and how to get started on your facilities.