The Kzonekhmer proven approach to IoT

IoT is the way businesses – and the world – are moving toward a highly interconnected network of machines, sensors, cameras, controllers, and other “things” communicating information over robust networks to data centers, where it can be processed and evaluated before initiating automated responses in near-real-time. IoT is complex and can be confusing, and implementation requires a plan unique to every organization, with a focus on achieving specific results.

Kzonekhmer has a proven approach to deploying IoT solutions. It involves ongoing partnerships with our customers that leverage our expertise and IoT experience, and our customers in depth knowledge of their business. Both are required to effectively achieve the organization’s unique requirements and goals.

Our strategy is based on a prescriptive approach that leverages a number of important principles:

  • IoT solutions work best with a top-down, enterprise-wide approach that considers all of your organization’s goals from the start.
  • An intelligent facility provides the foundation for IoT, tying all systems together so that new interactions, data sharing, automation, and analytics can drive extraordinary value.
  • All solutions should be deployed in a manner that is compatible with the IoT World Reference Model. This will ensure that new and emerging solutions can easily fit into your architecture, future-proofing your organization.
  • Deploying proven repeatable solutions reduces risk and cost. Standard solutions are “tuned” and then have industry-specific sensors, applications, and analytics layered on top to meet unique industry goals and requirements.
  • Effectively delivering these complex, industry-specific solutions requires an extensive ecosystem of strategic partnerships

Kzonekhmer's IoT practice is built from the ground up to facilitate solutions based on the five key principles. The result is a leading IoT solutions integrator with a team of IoT professionals that has the technology expertise, industry background, proven success, and strategic partnerships in place to deliver world-class, innovative IoT solutions.

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